Zombie Christmas Sweater T Shirt

Zombie Christmas Sweater T Shirt. I like symmetry in my zombie clothing and paraphernalia, and this design certainly does not disappoint. Probably a function of the jingle bells sweater convention, but still you have two zombies on each side going for one brain. Two shotguns flanking a skull. Equal numbers of X’s and snowflake crosses and what looks like piles of bullets. Ah, the symmetry soothes my currently intact, no zombie munched brain.

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I don’t know how you would have stumbled upon this page without adding “zombie” to your search, but if zombies actually aren’t your thing, but you still want to get festive 100, then check out the rest of my lovingly curated funny Xmas tee shirts.

So, when I think of zombies, naturally The Walking Dead comes to mind. To value add to this post, I wanted to find a related video. You know, so you can immerse all of your senses in zombie Xmas stuff. 

I searched for walking dead christmas thinking I’d probably get zero results and need to go back to the drawing board, but lo and behold, there were dozens of options. Enjoy!

Zombie Christmas Sweater T Shirt

Zombie Christmas Sweater T Shirt

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This really is a sophisticated design. They put an artificial hindrance on their art, so they could make it really look like a sweater. You see, sweater stitching has to be low resolution, because you Aunt Mildred can’t stitch as finely as the neighborhood screen printing shop can blast pixels of ink. 

So, even though it’s a t-shirt, it looks like a sweater. I also love that they made the scary subject matter look somewhat festive. The red, white, and blue scheme is a classic Xmas sweater color palette. 

The crossed arrows look like snowflakes. The crossed baseball bats look like reindeer femurs. The skull with its brain hanging out looks like an overworked elf. The crossed machetes look like a typical sprinkle design atop your favorite sugar cookies. And, the bullet casings look like strings of the most lovely decorative lights.

What festivity!