Your Mother Was a Hamster T Shirt (The Holy Grail)

Your Mother Was a Hamster T Shirt (The Holy Grail). Ah, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Classic. You know this. I know this. Let’s talk about the shirt. It’s very nice. It captures the iconic cinematic moment. Great line. Good looking castle. And that armor. Perfect.

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Be sure to read up on the 15 unknown facts about the movie. For some reason that kind of article about this movie doesn’t seem as interesting. Like what possibly could shock me about that crew. Drugs and hookers. Nope. Satanic rituals. Nope. Bible study. Nope. Lots of parakeets on set. Nope.

It’s pure absurdity so everything’s game in my mind for these people on and off set. At home. Holidays. At the library. You know some of those dudes check out books in the library. You know it. It’s gonna be weird.

His king has already got a Holy Grail, so they have no time for this visit. And the random insults are ridiculous. Actually, now I am interested in a behind the scenes expose. Was that dude just riffing off the top of his head. Seems like it. I mean it’s funny as hell, but it doesn’t seem scripted at all.

Wait, am I exposing my ignorance? Is that how they did all their movies. General outline and just make it happen? Someone please tell me if I’m a fool. Or let me know by “farting in my general direction.”

Your Mother Was a Hamster T Shirt (The Holy Grail)

Your Mother Was a Hamster T-Shirt (The Holy Grail)

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