You Need To Believe In Yourself Unicorn T Shirt

You Need To Believe In Yourself Unicorn T Shirt. Sometimes for others to believe in you, you have to believe in yourself. If people sort of fake believe in you, or they call super rare things unicorns, then, as a unicorn, you need to take a hard look at yourself to make sure you believe.

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I’m not talking about believing because you do or don’t shit Skittles or have a pearly iridescent horn. Or whatever. I’m taking about cutting away the BS and digging deep to see if you really believe in yourself.

Sometimes you really can’t do this type of heavy lifting by yourself. You need help. A professional. A good psychologist can really probe and get you to drill down into the right areas.

I like that pro shrinks don’t bat an eye at whatever creature is lying on their couch. They’ve done the study and reps. They just lock in and try to get the work done.

Yep, that’s a unicorn lying on my couch talking about how he doesn’t feel fulfilled and I’m telling him to believe in himself, which, obviously, is ironic, because nobody really believes in him.

You Need To Believe In Yourself Unicorn T Shirt: Beautiful Art Detail Makes This One Worth Getting

You Need To Believe In Yourself Unicorn T-Shirt

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The joke is solid, but it’s the art the carries the day on this tee. First of all that’s like a fainting couch, and if you look closely that unicorn sorta looks like he’s in some sort of catatonic state. Look at the dilated pupils. Actually, that poor dude may have got himself some bad meth and is just having a really bad experience.

Look how he’s laying there like a dog begging for a tummy rub. This unicorn is jacked up. Yet, the doc just keeps plowing through the proper steps of analysis.

Alternate take: the therapist is having a psychotic breakdown of his own. He doesn’t even have a couch, but right now he has visions of talking to a unicorn that is laying prostrate on his red couch. Perhaps a colleague will walk in on this sorted scene and tell him to take an extended vacation.

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