You Go Glen Coco T Shirt (Mean Girls)

You Go Glen Coco T Shirt. Here’s some of the dialogue from the Mean Girls scene that this fine shirt design is based off: “Ho! Ho! Ho! Candy cane gram … 4 for Glen Coco. You go Glen Coco … None for you Gretchen Weiners.”

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Isn’t it true the girls can be so mean!? Boys can be mean, and beat each other up and call names, but the psychological brutality of girls intent on doing harm is ghastly. It’s like warfare. The candy canes and rhyme on this shirt are nice, but if remembering this scene and this classical cinema in general triggers PTSD, then you should probably get out of here pronto. 

In fact, what you should do, and I’m trying to help you keep your equilibrium, is go check out the other funny Christmas t-shirts I have painstakingly collected. They might put you in a better mood, rather than placing you back in those dark times at Luther High with Stacy and Esmerelda and the daily warfare they embarked on against you.

Or maybe you were one of the bullies. If that’s the case you should probably get a dozen of these, have a reunion, pass them out to your monster girlfriend collaborators, and strut around the town reveling in the scene of your successful, prolonged crime.

Either way I’m cool with it. I’m just happy to provide this catalyst for interesting life action.

Mean Girls is an absolute classic. You need to revisit it often. You also need to read about it to get the inside scoop. To, indeed, bolster your knowledge on this cinematic subject. It’s important.

If You Love This You Go Glen Coco T Shirt You Quite Possibly Might Be a Girl Bully

you go glen coco t shirt

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Lindsay Lohan is looks serious and possibly perturbed in this photo. You know why? She wants you to buy this tee, because it helps preserve her cinematic legacy. Do it for Lindsay!