Winking Black Santa T Shirt

Winking Black Santa T Shirt. I don’t have a problem with a black Santa. Why? Do you?! You sure? Is a little sneaking prejudice deep down in the recesses of your heart and soul? It’s worth examining. And if this shirt is the cause, then it should be promoted world wide. 

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This is probably a surprise but I’m a white man. I know. I know. You thought writing about funny Christmas t-shirts in my mom’s basement was more of a pastime for a person of color. Well, the largest percentage of people doing this might be that, but not me. 

This brings up an important concept within the diversity discussion. There is more difference within a racial or gender group than there is between the different groups. So, what’s that mean? You need to look at the individual, because you can’t judge shit by color, race, or gender. 

Keep that in mind. Here’s a story about a black Santa at a mall in Memphis, who was very popular. 

Winking Black Santa T Shirt Looks Good

Winking Black Santa T Shirt

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This may sound weird but I’ve always thought that white hair on darker skinned people looks super cool. So, this Santa is very appealing to me. I’m not just saying that to sell shirts. Really. Please believe me. 

Also, please give me credit for not making any of the hack ho ho hoe jokes. Or gold spinner rims on the sleigh. Or weed smoking elves. Or being confused about rapping versus wrapping up at Santa’s shop. 

I did not go there, so you should probably buy this shirt just because of that. I am far superior to other shirt bloggers that use that sort of pablum as a crutch to get to certain Google-preferred word counts.

I’m way more organic.