What Would Jesus Bowl T Shirt

What Would Jesus Bowl T Shirt. 300. Obvious. He had his own ball and ball shining rag. Those are the trappings of a serious bowler, who has the potential to bowl a perfect game every time he steps on the lanes.

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Jesus Christ would also be a very good bowler. Lots of strikes. One of the best. Reminds me of that King Missile song.

Fab song. But, I also need a Jesus Quintana clip from The Big Lebowski because that’s what this shirt is all about.

And that purple polyester outfit with his name embroidered is kind of spectacular. I wonder how he got hooked up with his bowling partner. They don’t seem like they’d hang out. Jesus is a convicted pedophile, who licks his bowling ball, paints his nails, grows out a coke pinky nail, and is very pelvic-thrusty will all his movements.

Liam just seems like more of a straight shooter. But, I guess you can never really judge a dude named Liam by his crew cut, and dad beer gut.

Hey, you probably want to learn about those obscure The Big Lebowski facts right about now. Am I right?

What Would Jesus Bowl T Shirt: That Sure Is a Sensual Way to Clean Your Bowling Ball

What Would Jesus Bowl T Shirt

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I like that they gave the purple in this design a little extra kick. It’s muted in the film, which, of course, is perfect, because there is no flaws in that Coen Brothers creation. But, on the shirt, it’s nice that it pops a little more.

And since they come in cuts for men and women, you should probably partner up and both get one, so you can wear them together on a special day each year. Or month. Or week. Saturdays. Plan to wear this shirt in concert with your lover every Saturday ’til death do you part.

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