Walken in a Winter Wonderland T Shirt

Walken in a Winter Wonderland T Shirt. Do you consider Christopher Walken a national treasure? Just seeing him on screen creates a festive atmosphere. He’s so eldritch. That’s why combining wordplay and Walken on a Xmas Tee is the best idea you can have. The second best since it wasn’t your idea is to buy the shirt.

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I feel like if I did some heavy duty research I could come up with little known Walken trivia that fascinates the heck out of you. The guy is deep. He can act. He can dance. He can demand more cowbell. And he can carry with him (in him), across the world, watches from loving fathers.

Anyways, after you get this one, you’ll want more. And, oh boy, do I have more. Not keistered watches. I’m talking about Xmas Tees that will blow your mirthful mind.

Everybody’s got a Walken impression. Hard to find him on Youtube doing Xmasy things because it’s all kinds of weirdos doing their impressions of him singing Walking In a Winter Wonderland.

So, lemme drop this clip with Letterman asking Walken if he’s a psycho, which is a legitimate question. And, it turns out, through the course of the interview that he is about 10 to 15 degrees askew from normal.

His speech cadence is so odd. Where did he get that? Is that what took him to the next level as an actor. Was it his hook? He sounds like he might be a shut in except for the times when he’s out shooting major motion pictures.

Walken in a Winter Wonderland T Shirt

Walken in a Winter Wonderland T Shirt

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You can’t go wrong with anything Christopher Walken related. This tee is no exception. As a gift it will delight. As a conversation piece, there is nothing better. People want to talk Walken. In fact, 79% percent of the English-speaking population have a Walken impression (38% of the Russian-speaking population does, which is pretty interesting).

You know, he’s got quite the comedic chops.