VW Bus Santa Claus T Shirt: ‘Cuz Hitting the Road is Joyous

VW Bus Santa Claus T Shirt. Hey look that old Volkswagen bus has a Santa beard and hat on. It’s so festive and worth it, despite the horrific drag that enormous hat creates, and the half ton of road debris that beard picks up every three miles.

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No really. That hat probably reduces the MPG from 11 to 3. You may look like you’re doing the road trip on the cheap, but the gas is going to cost a fortune. Same for the bumper beard. It’s creating a ton of drag. Shit, you hit a hill with this jovial vehicle getup, and you can forget it. Your big road trip just ended on the highway at the base of a hill. Highway patrol is probably not going to appreciate that campfire you stoked on the shoulder of the road. How are the emergency vehicles supposed to get by.

If this is all too much for you to handle, maybe you should consider a different funny Christmas tshirt

I’m so stoked about the random combination of a VW Bus and Xmas, that I decided to embed two videos that touch on it.

And, if you wanted to real go all out this holiday season, here’s a how-to on taking a VW bus road trip to South America. Which is legit, if you’re starting in North America or even Central America. Or even South America. Getting across town in one of those old ass vehicles is legit. 

VW Bus Santa Claus T Shirt Is Super Random But Looks Good

VW Santa Claus T Shirt

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So, for the three people reading this that are totally into VW Bus culture, I salute you, and implore you to get this shirt, because it’s cool … for you. I think. 

I just acted like there would be three VW people reading this concurrently. That’s impossible. Not what I meant. I meant three people for the entire length of time that this blogs remains posted live on the Internet, which will probably be a 19 month period at which point I’ll be destitute and unable to pay the hosting cost.

JK … I’m rich. Don’t worry about it.