Visit Earth Home of Cats, Internet, Bacon T Shirt

Visit Earth Home of Cats, Internet, Bacon T Shirt. That’s quite a pitch. If I want to take a trip. Get out of the galaxy. See something new. Catching a billboard or brochure with this info about Earth is calling to me.

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Although, if you’re from another planet you may not speak the language. Wait, they probably have better technology, so maybe they have those UN translator headphones, except it’s contacts so you can translate text that you read instantaneously.

So, they are able to read what this Earth brochure is selling. Well, then, I guess the other issue might be … if they know what these fine things from the Earth are does that mean they have them on that planet too?

If that’s the case, then is that great of a pitch. Or maybe they’ve just heard of Earth and descriptions of cats, Internet, and bacon. And, for the adventurous, these things sound good or worth seeing.

So, take a one-hour timeout and watch that plasma energy space travel video to get even more in the mood to own this tee.

Then, go read this thing about cat sounds.

Visit Earth Home of Cats, Internet, Bacon T Shirt: Make It Your Annual Vacation Destination You Crazy Aliens

bacon photo

Buy Now: Visit Earth Home of Cats, Internet, Bacon T Shirt

What else is there really to say about this fine shirt? It’s got the great 70’s advertisement look. It features a rainbow which is always a major bonus. There’s a rocket ship. Sparkly stars. Multiple planets. Rocket blast swooshes.

I mean this thing has it all. It looks retro but speaks today and the future. It’s omniscient and will forgive you of your sins. You will be whisked from the jaws of hell, and jetted to the fluffy home of Jesus in the sky.

Yes, hell has jaws. Stop looking at me like that.

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