Valentine’s Day: Love Yo’Self T Shirts

Valentine’s Day: Love Yo’Self T Shirts. Sometimes you can’t depend on other people to love you. So, you must love yourself always. This way you are guaranteed to be loved no matter how the winds of relationship and romance blow.

Sometimes part of loving yo’self is buying nice things for yourself, including including flowers, bottles of wine, boxes of chocolate, and expensive vodka.

Love ain’t cheap, no matter who you’re lovin’. But, you gotta treat yo’self sometimes.

Loving yourself ain’t easy. Sometimes you need a professional to teach you how to do it for long lasting effect.

Or you can just drink too much booze. Eat too much junk food and candy. Cry in your bed for all those poor idiots, who aren’t getting a chance to spend time with you right now. And, of course, obsessively buying cut flowers and placing them in every space in your apartment, and in your cubicle at work for good measure.

Uuuuh. Who sent you those? Oh you know. Some secret admirer (aside: me) I guess. Wow. He must really admire you. This is the 67th business day in a row that he’s sent flowers. It’s getting pretty busy in this cube. How do you even have enough space to get work done?

Valentine’s Day: Love Yo’Self T Shirts – Or Just Take Tons of Pics of Your Cleavage

Valentine's Day: Love Yo'Self T Shirts
Photo by Daisy Starr

Corsets are in the same garment family as t-shirts. No lie. I learned it when I got my Doctorate in Apparel. And, certainly, if anybody embodies the Love Yo’Self ethos it’s this lovely young lady looking in the mirror and taking a picture of herself looking in the mirror. It’s like Love Yo Self squared.

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