Valentine Shirts Featuring Coffee

Valentine Shirts Featuring Coffee. Because just about everybody loves coffee more than they love romantic relationships. That might be an exaggeration. If it’s early in the relationship, it might be a tie with coffee.

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I actually don’t drink coffee. Tea for me. I wish I could drink coffee. It’s such a lovely drug in theory, but it gives me a tightness in my chest. I grind my teeth. I incessantly push my tongue into the back of my bottom teeth. Weird. There’s only like billions of people drinking the stuff. What the hell is wrong with me?

It actually doesn’t make my brain fire any faster either, but that might have something to do with my brain being preoccupied with whether or not I’m going to have a heart attack or aneurysm.

Coffee didn’t use to be as big of a thing. Did it? I mean I know cowboys were drinking terrible coffee and spitting out the grounds back in the day. Diners serving it up in the 50s. And Dirty Harry was drinking coffee in the 70s.

But, at some point there was an absolute explosion. Am I right about this? I feel like I’m right. Am I right?

I did some research on this important matter. Actually, after the Boston Tea Party  in 1773, drinking coffee became a patriotic duty to give Britain and their taxation without representation the finger. Now I really want to be able to drink coffee. Maybe I should just power through all the weirdness I feel when I do. On the other end will be a patriotic American with unbounded energy, and a rapid fire brain.

This article posits that Starbucks (established in 1971) brought on the masses to the coffee craze with their specialty coffee.

Valentine Shirts Featuring Coffee: Is Your Relationship with Coffee the Most Important in Your Life?

Valentine Shirts Featuring Coffee

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