Valentine Candy Hearts T Shirts

Valentine Candy Hearts T Shirts. I have a nice mix of sweetheart conversation candy heart tees here. A shirt featuring naughty candy hearts. A shirt with the normal G rated candy hearts but in high resolution, and, of course, the mean candy hearts for the grumps in the audience.

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Candy hearts remind me of elementary school, when I got like zero Valentines when the kids were passing them out. I think somewhere in the midst of my school career you had to write cards for everybody or nobody. You couldn’t be selective because it made kids feel bad.

I guess to get none would be better than getting the messages featured on the candy hearts on this long-sleeve shirt:

Mean Candy Hearts Sweatshirt

Anyway, there always seemed to be a lot of candy hearts floating around when I was a kid. I remember thinking it wasn’t top quality candy, and I wasn’t even close to being a snob like I am now. So, they must have been pretty bad. I haven’t had one in probably 20 years or, hell, maybe 30. Probably the last time I had a Valentine.

Damn. That’s a crafty video right there. I like the squishy candy heart concept. That’s pretty cool.

Naughty Candy Hearts T Shirt: For When You’re Feeling Randy on Valentine’s Day

Naughty Candy Hearts T Shirt

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I can’t really read those hearts on that shirt, but believe me, they are naughty. You can see a closeup if you click the link.

By the way, when did randy become synonymous with horny. Probably like 1917 or something. Randy. Randy. Randy. People are named that which kind of makes it funnier. I guess mostly babies are given the name Randolph or Randall or something. It would be weird to look at a newborn and say his name shall be Randy.

Hey, see all the funny Valentine’s shirts I found. It’s heart warming or something.