USA Peace Sign T Shirt

USA Peace Sign T Shirt. I’ve always loved the American flag associated with the peace sign. A guy can dream can’t he. Would be nice if it was a reality. I mean we are certainly a benevolent super power, but some of the clandestine shit criminals from the U.S. pull is bad. Real bad.

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This kind of imagery probably dates back to the 60s. I don’t necessarily agree with all the Leftist, Neo-Marxist, political BS coming out of the hippie movement, but damn the music was good, and I’d probably stand with a mooshie-minded Lefty rather than some bullshitter from the government saying we had to go into Vietnam to stop the spread of Communism.

So, I’m down with the design of this shirt.


USA Peace Sign T Shirt: It’s Time to Remove Our Troops From Harms Way

USA Peace Sign T Shirt

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Did you know the United States has only had less than 20 years of peace time since its inception in 1776. That ain’t cool. Our military should only be used in defense of the homeland. And to stop European conquest by Nazis. Other than that get out of the Middle East. Get out of Africa. Get out of all the damn places I don’t even know about.

I guess it’s a worthy question to ask if we should destroy Isis since we basically created it. I’ll leave that on the table as a possible justified engagement. But, will it ever end?

Most of the time we’re fighting to preserve lines of profit for assholes, who don’t care if American lives and foreign civilian lives are lost. That’s not cool at all. I’ve yet to hear a good answer about why we’re in Afghanistan. It’s total bullshit. Let those people fight their own wars if the so choose. It’s a no win situation for U.S. troops. And, it’s actually why there’s an opioid crisis.

Our troops are protecting vast poppy fields out there. Trump’s military destroyed opium facilities but not the fields, so I’m not sure where he stands on this, or if he’s trusting generals, who might not have America’s best interests at heart. Remains to be seen.

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