USA Fuck Yeah Map T Shirt

USA Fuck Yeah Map T Shirt.This one has everything you need. The declarative statement. The map. The mooshed lettering. I mean, if you’re a red blooded American that kind of covers it. Sure it could have an Eagle or a flag, but if you distill the American ethos, this is it. Right?

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So, obviously this America Fuck Yeah thing is something that’s been going on with wild patriots for some time. But, it was bolted into the American zeitgeist by the crazy Southpark cats, and there nutty puppet movie Team America.

Does everybody agree this is the seminal “America Fuck Yeah?”

I mean they’re sort of making fun of it, but it’s still powerfully awesome. And funny. And over-the-top goofy shit. But, sometimes you need some of that.

Now read the secret of the longevity¬†for South Park. It’s been going for like 71 years. Almost half my life. Unbelievable. And still frickin’ funny.

USA Fuck Yeah Map T Shirt: Gratuitous Eagle for Your Viewing Ecstasy

USA Fuck Yeah Map T Shirt

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What more can I say? Get this shirt but don’t wear it around mixed company, because it has the “F” word on it. Although, I don’t know, the really young ones aren’t going to be able to make out what those mashed letters spell.

But, the tweens and teens will, so you’ll probably be like a hero to them. Or maybe you are one of those. Okay, right now, let’s have a show of hands. Who is reading this blog post right now … besides my mom?

Okay Betsy. Franklin. Darrell. Bindog. Flamershane. Great. Great. Welcome. Thanks for being here you patriots. Well, actually you’re not officially patriots until you buy the shirt and wear it for the first time. Then, yes, patriot you are.

Patriotism ain’t free. Okay. Neither is freedom if we’re going to go deep right now.

Alright, if you don’t like the curse words, but you love the America, I have looked far and wide for all the best funny, novelty America tees. There are some doozies you should have a look at.