Two Roads Diverged T Shirt (Took the One on the Left)

Two Roads Diverged T Shirt (Took the One on the Left). If it’s good, derivative work can be just as good as the original. It gets a bad reputation. Ah, that’s not original. But, it is. Think of rap. That’s completely derivative. Actually, if you wanna get real deep, all works of art are derivative. It’s all been done before, artists put a new spin on archetype stories.

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How deep you want to go with this? There is derivative that is complete garbage. It’s done to mimic successful pieces. It’s the me too syndrome, and you can feel it in your bones that it is driven by a spreadsheet, not creativity.

Original pieces that aren’t instantly recognizable as derivative can also be trash. For example, most modern art. The post-modernists threw out the idea of objective beauty (and truth while they we’re at it) and left themselves with chaotic nonsense based on nothing.

It is not easy to build a culture, so tear the existing one at your peril. It will fail for thousands of years with incremental improvement, until finally you have a workable solution. REVOLUTION!!!! It only took 3,000 years. YAY!!!! Oh, hey look, it morphed from post-modernist new Marxist chaos, to individual rights as the top priority. Just like we have now. Could have avoided centuries of hell by just making incremental improvements to the society and culture we had. Oops.

It’s so interesting that The Road Not Taken is like the poem that most people know. When pop culture mentions a poem it’s that one. That’s pretty powerful.

It’s universal because everybody has to make decisions in life. It’s beloved because everybody likes to think they are unique and that if they go off the beaten path they will find a richness hitherto unknown. Might be true. Especially, if it means follow your heart. If it means purposely do shit that nobody else does, then more than likely, you’re going to get yourself in a lot of trouble. You better have a really damn good reason for veering that way.

Of course, pragmatic reasoning like on this shirt is also very useful tool to navigate life. That’s why I celebrate this tee. It’s terrific.

Two Roads Diverged T Shirt (Took the One on the Left)

Two Roads Diverged T Shirt (Took the One on the Left)

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