Toss Me Another Beer Brosevelt T Shirt

Toss Me Another Beer Brosevelt T Shirt. What do you say about Teddy Roosevelt? Dude’s on Mt. Rushmore along with Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln. That’s serious company. He was reportedly a badass, so this muscle-bound bro depiction isn’t a stretch.

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I think his claim to fame, other than being the 25th Vice President and 26th President was that he lead the Rough Riders in the Spanish-American War.

Many think that war screwed America up in some ways, taking it from isolationist state to interventionist and imperialistic state. What do you think?

Roosevelt became Vice President in 1901, and President in September 1901 after President McKinley’s assassination. Red flag. Of four successful assassinations two were absolutely shady …

  • Abraham Lincoln – totally shady … I blame central bankers.
  • John F. Kennedy – CIA snuffed him.

Leads me to believe that the other could have been as well, including McKinley. And you always have to look at the successor as complicit with the dark powers and their evil machinations.

Who was going to be President if Reagan died at the hands of patsy John Hinckley? Yep. George H.W. Bush … a big part of the New World Order crew.

Of course, Roosevelt was shot as well, but lived. In fact, he gave a speech after being shot and before receiving medical attention. Bad ass. So maybe he wasn’t in the pockets of the evil elite.

He was a conservationist and established a ton of new National Parks. Hopefully, it wasn’t a Federal land grab like the government did with Cliven Bundy.¬† Hope it didn’t involve murder of a patriot, like LaVoy Finicum, who was protesting the Bureau of Land Management and its gross overreach of land control.

Hey, did you know that Bundy Ranch stuff had something to do with Uranium? Did you know Uranium is the new oil in terms of evil moves to make tons of money and garner massive power? Look it up. What’s up Harry Reid?

Toss Me Another Beer Brosevelt T Shirt: Controversial Figure But Definitely a Dude You Could Have a Beer With

teddy roosevelt photo
Photo by DonkeyHotey

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That got deep and weird. Geez. Just tryin’ to have a good time with a funny shirt. I get it. I’m sorry, but I can’t be quiet with all of this government malfeasance threatening to destroy the Republic.

Anyway, I’ll stop now. Here are a ton more America T Shirts that will tickle your fancy.