Too Cool For British Rule T Shirt (Ben Franklin)

Too Cool For British Rule T Shirt. Good ol’ Ben Franklin. He was part of this great experiment. Renaissance man. The Patriots wanted freedom from British rule. They wanted religious freedom. They figured they could cobble together a better government taking from the best thinkers in history.

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Damn. Did they get it right too. Unbelievable. Divinely inspired. Smart as shit. Understanding of human nature. Witnesses of tyranny. Governmental overreach. They wanted a country of bad asses that could handle the responsibilities of freedom. Because many people can’t.

They wanted people that could handle the inalienable rights. You know what that takes? RESPONSIBILITY! They also knew if the country lost God it would be a lost cause, because belief in a higher power and traditional family structures kept a majority of the people on the straight and narrow, which is absolutely essential when you give the entire population freedom.

I think this is the little mnemonic device that helped the nascent country shed the bonds of mother Britain. People all over the colonies were sliding on their shades and saying “too cool for British Rule” then doing a 13-step handshake/fist bump.

Basically, it was the key to the American Revolution. They needed this bond because it turns out only about one third of the population wanted to fight for the revolution. One third wanted to stick with the Brits. And one third were nonplussed.

I just learned that statistic. It’s frickin’ amazing. I had no idea we had so few patriots, but I guess if you look at the Second American Revolution, which we are in the middle of today, it’s probably about the same.

This time we’re shedding the oppression of the nefarious Deep State and New World Order. Our beautiful country hangs in the balance.

Too Cool For British Rule T Shirt: Is That a Painting on a Pumpkin?

Too Cool For British Rule T Shirt (Ben Franklin)
Photo by bwats2

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Don’t tell me that’s a carving because that would be way too amazing. It’s pretty damn fine as a painting, but a carving. Jeezus.

Learn more about Ben Franklin. Some say he was a double agent working both sides. I’m not sure about that yet. So, I still hawk a tee featuring his aging hippy visage.

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