Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered T Shirt

Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered T Shirt. Sometimes you gotta blow off some steam. Drink a few beers. Forget about the problems. Reduce the stress. This is healthy. Plus, spangled is a super cool word.

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But, let’s not get too sloshy here. We have a lot of work to do. There’s a revolution in the works we the people must support. So, all day support this movement to Drain the Swamp, lock up the criminals, put away the pedophiles, etc. Then, at night if you have the constitution for it, drink it up, have some fun, and make some friends.

Just make sure you moderate enough, such that you’re on your game in the morning.

Part of what makes America great is the wild spirit. A lot of the people bailing from the Motherland (England) were rabble rousers and fighters. It’s in our blood. We also uplift the rule of law, else the country becomes a shithole, but at this time we need to tap into the rebellious, wild side to really join with the patriotic forces, who are, right now, executing a plan to take back our country from the kleptocrats, oligarchs, criminal family cartels, that have exerted undo influence on our Republic for far too long.

Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered T Shirt: I Get This Feeling Of Celebratory Effervescence Every Time I Think About How We Narrowly Escaped Doom (Re: President Hillary)

Time to Get Star Spangled Hammered T Shirt
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It’s not about conversative versus liberal. Republican vs. Democrat. It’s about right versus wrong, and wrong has been on top for a long time. Evil political and cultural machinations to make a powerful elite even more wealthy and move them into a position to execute their ultimate plan of global governance, reduced population, immortality, and an earthly utopia.

No seriously. This is what whack jobs want, and chances are you’re not invited.

This page right here is spangled with funny ‘Merica t shirts, because celebrating this country and fighting for it is the right thing to do.