Thou Shalt Not Kill My Vibe T Shirt

Thou Shalt Not Kill My Vibe T Shirt. Love this one. Top 5 shirt for me. If you walk around with a legit vibe, you don’t suffer fools lightly. Unless, someone is bringing their A game to your presence, they should stay far away. Don’t bring any of that dishrag energy my way, bro.

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Get out of here with that weak sauce. I’m rollin’ over here. My vibe is strong and I’m in a serious groove. In fact, let’s get this straight. To make it more official, I’m going to make it sound Biblical. Like the 11th Commandment.

Thou Shalt Not Kill My Vibe. Very important. You ain’t sniffin’ the promised land or heaven or even a fulfilling life, if you come around me with that negative energy. Stop that gossipy, nitpicking bullshit. You’re better than that. Or, if you’re not, please know that I am, and will not wallow in the mud with you.


Wow. Those songs sorta killed my vibe. Autotune murders my soul.

Usually, the vibe killing has to do with a nice mellow marijuana high, but that’s not what I’m talking about when I speak about my vibe and request that it not be killed. I’m talking about all the internal work I’ve done over the years to get my mind, body, and spirit straight. I’m not talking about a 90 minute high during which you should come clean or not at all.

I’m talking about all the time 24/7. Of course, I’m dealing with fools throughout the course of a day, but when I have a choice, I’m only hanging with stand up folks. People that know the value of hard work, respect, freedom, and cherry flavored lip gloss.

Thou Shalt Not Kill My Vibe T Shirt: Wear This Tee and No One Comes Without Being Correct

Thou Shalt Not Kill My Vibe T Shirt

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It’s time to take control of your life. It’s time to bend reality to your will. It’s time to assert your vibe and stomp on your chunk of this terra.

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