This Shit Writes Itself T Shirt: Shakespeare Gets in the Flow

This Shit Writes Itself T Shirt. Shakespeare was doing time in the Universal Mind. He was feeling alright. Once you humble yourself and get into the flow the universe speaks through you. I’m glad the GOAT is willing to give credit where credit is due.

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What was the word for shit in late 1500s, early 1600s? Shite. I feel like it was different, like a lot of those olde Englysh words. Anybody know what the word for shit back in Shakespeare’s day was? Let me know in the comments.

Oh wait, nobody comments, so I need to go look it up myself. How to you do that? There’s probably some olde English translator.

Scitte! That sounds about right.

Now there’s some interesting stuff about the Bard of Avon. Did you know all that? Bisexual. Took drugs. Favorite food was muskrat meatloaf. To each his own I say. I’m a libertarian in that way. Just use the non-aggression principle.

This Shit Writes Itself T Shirt: Pretty Sweet Graffiti From the Most Talented Tagger of the Shakespeare Gang in Chicago. Good Stuff.

This Shit Writes Itself T Shirt
Photo by ^Joe

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What’s your favorite piece of Shakespeare read or on the stage. Mine is … I have no idea. I can’t remember what’s what.

“Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

I haven’t read Shakespeare in like 27 years. I’ve seen a few plays, and enjoyed them but I don’t retain enough to spout off the plays I like or my favorite characters or whatever. I might need to rectify this and dive in super deep.

Maybe someday when I’m retired. Shakespeare and hiking. That’s a pretty good plan. Right?

This is certainly a funny shirt. I feature funny tees on this blog just for you. Please, check out all that I’ve found. I rhapsodize in prose about a good one each and every day.