This Dude Survived 2017 T Shirt

This Dude Survived 2017 T Shirt. You know what would be hilarious is if you stole this tee off a dead guy. Ironic. Maximum irony. You don’t really want to tell anyone because they guy may not have been dead, but you sort of want to because that’s a damn good story.

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The way I heard it from someone that heard it from someone that was in the vicinity was that you had seen the shirt at the party and coveted it. Then, serendipity-doo you saw the guy passed out on the sidewalk. You looked around took of the coat and the t shirt. Threw the coat in the bushes. And made absconded with the loot.

Now, you have the baddest ass shirt around. Unfortunately, the poor guy that basically begged you to take the shirt died of exposure because it was -1 degree that cold ass night. And he never woke up.

You saw it on the news, and just didn’t mention your part of the tragedy to anyone, because who needs that hassle.

But, you survived stealing the shirt. And you’re currently surviving the guilt, because you are a survivor, which is why this tee was meant to be worn by you, and those built with the same stuff as you.

Does this shirt get even better if a girl is wearing it? I’m not sure. Calling a girl a dude isn’t that funny. Although, I think if I saw a girl wearing it I would laugh, because number one it’s funny on the face, but two she willingly is wearing a tee meant for a dude.

Or maybe she knows what you did and is trying to get you to slip up and confess to the totally non crime you didn’t even really commit. The guy basically paid you to take it ….

… with his life.

By the way, here’s a real crime story for you.

This Dude Survived 2017 T Shirt Is Not a Crime

This Dude Survived 2017 T Shirt

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No really. If you survived 2017, you need this shirt. Doesn’t even need to be New Year’s or any year near 2017. It’s good to wear any time from now until infinity.

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