Think Outside the Box Tic Tac Toe Cheater T Shirt

Think Outside the Box Tic Tac Toe Cheater T Shirt. Sometimes when you here a cliche too much you have to break it town. Tear it up. Turn it into mush. That’s what this design does. If you say “think outside the box” and this shirt is presented, you have to say: “well played.”

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You know what I really like about this shirt? That last red O was played after the game was over. All the squares were filled, but the two gladiators were on their 76th tie in a row. O-man couldn’t deal any more, so he took matters into his own hands.

This is an exact replica of the card played in the Luxembourg TTT championships in 1977. Barth Greinshoveson could not take any more ties. He already had three championship trophies on his mantel. He was getting hungry. As the grueling match with up-and-comer Bert Poppinchoppy progressed Barth was getting more and more convinced that he no longer was passionate about the game.

That the spark was gone. That after 27 years, seven finals, and three world championships, he was done. He was waiting for this moment. After about year 16 he was sure it would come at any moment but it never did. Finally, it was here. He laughed maniacally as that final game was nearing a close once again tied up.

Bert added the last X as a formality. Barth pointed at him, drew his outside the box O. Crossed his “three in a row” out. Pointed at Bert and the judges. Walked straight over to the President of the World Wide Tic Tac Toe Federation, Mindy Fanseepopong, and drew another red O on her forehead.

Then, he headed toward the side door of the school cafeteria in a middle school in Toledo, tearing at his WWTTTF Championships commemorative shirt from four years past.

By the time he reached the door, his prim upper body was naked, and onlookers got their first glimpse of his prodigious armpit hair. Jet black and sprouting out from every direction in stark contrast to his alabaster skin.

No one ever heard from him again.

Think Outside the Box Tic Tac Toe Cheater T Shirt

Think Outside the Box Tic Tac Toe Cheater T-Shirt

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