The Struggle T-Rex Christmas Tree T-Shirt

The Struggle T-Rex Christmas Tree T-Shirt. I actually think it’s good when the leader shows weakness. Tyrannosaurus Rex was obviously the king of the dinosaurs. Having short arms gave him relatability. Endeared him to the dino population at large.

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Of course, none of this helped the T-Rex when the asteroid hit. That was lights out for most of the living creatures on the Earth. Can you imagine the tidal waves that hit beaches and seaside resorts after that massive collision.

Insurance probably didn’t even cover that kind of water damage. If you made your living on the beach back then, you were screwed. Unless, of course, you were selling amazing, Xmas-themed funny t-shirts out of the hatchback of your AMC Gremlin. Speaking of an amazing collection of Christmas Tees, take a good look at the variety on display here.

When did that devastation occur anyway. It was more than like 100 years ago. Right? Wait, were there even cars? What about televisions? Did people even have any idea what was going on? Probably listening to radio broadcasts about the impact. Maybe they thought it was another Orsen Wells War of the Worlds hijinx.

The probably ignored it and didn’t even through a couple dozen cans of food into their bomb shelter.

Do you even know your catastrophe history of the Earth? Better get on it. Can’t let history repeat itself. I don’t want to live underwater in the new Atlantis if I can help it. I guess it would be better than death. Maybe.

The Struggle T-Rex Christmas Tree T-Shirt: That Dinosaur Needs to Get More Handy With His Mouth

The Struggle T-Rex Christmas Tree T-Shirt

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Who was it that painted with her mouth. Helen Keller? I don’t know. Anyway, I think T Rex should get handy with his mouth like that. It’s a lot larger with less lips for control, and probably too many teeth, but you have to ask yourself: do I want my species to evolve. I mean with epigenetics fine motor mouth control probably kicks in with the adult lives of his kids.

That’s worth it.

I just noticed the entire top-half of the Xmas tree has no ornamentation. That’s funny.