Taco Shirts: Nothing Else Quite Says I’m a Fun and Nutritious Person

Taco Shirts. I keep hearing this word transparency, and I think the ultimate transparency is wearing shirts featuring your favorite food. Whatever it is. If you wear the taco shirts, people know you love tacos and that is a lot of very good information. They now know you intimately.

So, let me talk a little about what you’re seeing in that gallery. Animals and tacos. Two of the most favorite things of awesome people. Cats and tacos seem to be very popular. Cats, tacos, and deep galaxy space seem to also be oddly well represented in this list.

We also have many straight up expressions of love for the food. It gets to the point where you have to use profanity to really get to the essence of how much you love tacos. My hope is that you’ll also begin to have that sort of overwhelming love for taco shirts as well. They are the perfect thing to wear for a night out eating tacos. Comfy tee and the ultimate comfort food.

You have shirts that just have a picture of a taco or just say “taco.” That’s how powerful tacos are. You don’t have to embellish much. Just put a picture of a taco on the shirt and that’s enough. Powerful. Taco shirts. Vibes.

Then you have some more racy taco innuendo. I’ll let you figure that out. Think pink.

Some good wordplay makes an appearance in this list fitness taco in my mouth. No Juan ever. Highway to shell. You know. Corny stuff that makes chill people laugh.

Tacos and beer. Very popular combination with good reason.

Taco parties. Taco politics. Tacos being the reason for falling in love with someone. Tacos and dinosaurs. Tacos and softball. Anti-war taco slogans. And of course the classic combination of taco, tequila, and a nap.

Which is your fave? Lemme know in the comments. Do it! Don’t be shy. Let the world know you love a very specific type of taco t-shirt. It can only help. Remember transtacoparency.

God that video made me hungry. I want to go to Mexico City just to get those breakfast tacos. Amazing. The host of the show is selling it too. Like he’s in ecstasy with every bite.

Taco Shirts: Because Eating Tacos Can Bring Peace to All Nations, and War Sucks

Taco Shirts

This history of the Americanized taco has a feature image of a taco in the front pocket of a pair of jeans. So weird. Disconcerting. But, maybe a little understandable.

Imagine this scenario. You’re eating your tacos. But you forgot the appointment you had. Your roommate says “let’s go.” You’re like “oh shit.” But kind of muffled because your mouth is stuffed with taco.

Your friend says, “you are not bailing out on the fish spa pedicure again. This is the fifth time I have made this appointment and we are going.”

Your conscience gets the best of you. You have agreed to go every time, but you get the willies the day of the appointment every time. Of course, this time you really did just forget. But you steel your nerves. Put that last taco in the front pocket of your jeans, and roll out.

Hopefully, you got to pull that taco out of your pocket before you sat down in the car. If not, that’s a huge mess, because you had hard shell.

What Does Texas Have to Do With Tacos? Chili Powder Baby. Chili Powder.

Taco Shirts

Apparently a lot. This story talks about how Willie Gebhardt, a German that immigrated to Texas, invented chili powder, a convenient spice to add to chili. Back in 1894 it wasn’t as easy to get the ingredients you needed to make that spicy pot of deliciousness, so Gebhardt invented drying chilis out and crushing them up for later use. Genius.

Did you know that tacos with hard shells did exist in Mexico. They’re called tacos dorados, but they are deep fried to order. Glen Bell of taco bell took hard taco shells to the next (franchise-able) level, by inventing pre-formed hard shells.

On a side note, there’s a man,¬†Gustavo Arellano, who’s named America’s foremost scholar on tacos. And, that, my friend is what makes tacos and by extension, taco shirts, amazing. You can relate street level with tacos. Or you can devote an academic life to the study of tacos and their overwhelming effect on the culture.

I like Arellano because he’s not a taco snob. He gives the hard-shelled taco with ground beef its due. Many “authentistas” cry foul on the hard shell and ground beef and look for “more authentic Mexican cuisine, like different types of meats wrapped in a warm, soft tortilla. Arellano says both are legit.

I say both are delicious.

Tacos and T-shirts Go Together Like Cheech and Chong: Taco Shirts!

Taco Shirts

I’m going to summarize what we’ve learned here. Tacos are amazing. There are a ton of different types of tacos. Tacos are so delicious that hit some part of the brain that makes you think of other things you really love, like cats, beer, and peace. Let’s not forget that a burgeoning taco phenomenon is Taco Tuesdays. Right? It’s like a thing. Your friends go out to eat tacos that may even be discounted because of alliteration.

That, my friends, is human progress. Let’s take a moment to appreciate that. To really give thanks, to express gratitude for cheap tacos on a Tuesday. That is something else. That’s what living in the 21st century is all about.

I think if we all just realized this we could put down our chemical weapons, our AR 15s, our machetes, and our powdered pork rinds infused with anthrax, and just start to love each other. Every peace talk agreement should begin with food, and that peace food should be the taco.

Amen. And peace on Earth!

Hey, I know this is hard to imagine, but there are other types of shirts in the world besides taco shirts. If you’re ready to accept that you might want to head over to the home page and see what else is on offer.