Taco Cat I’m a Palindrome T Shirt

Taco Cat I’m a Palindrome T Shirt. This tee is very pleasing to me. Palindromes are fun. Cats are fun. Tacos are delicious. Three very strong elements going here. Plus, a very cute artistic style.

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I can’t really understand how you’re still reading this. The pull of this shirt is very strong. To not have clicked the button to go get it amazes me. You must have superhuman powers of will. Your mind. What can I say about your mind? It must be made of steel. Not like you’re dumb like a block of lead.

I’m talking you must have a steel mind that does not veer from the purpose you’ve set for it. To you there is no such thing as temptation, indiscretion, or even cheat days. YOU ARE A ROCK.

My God!!!!!! You’re still reading. This is unbelievable. It hurts to watch. My toes are curling. I can barely breath, I’m so enthralled. I can’t look. I can’t look away. What is going on here. It’s unearthly. Are you an alien? Artificial intelligence? Tyler? Hal?

Where in good God’s name did you come from? From whom’s loins did you squirt. I can’t even believe it. Speaking of immaculate conceptions, did you know that I collected my 62 favorite overworldly SnorgTees in one list just for you.

Whoa. There are videos of taco cat that go on and on like Nyan cat. I had no idea this taco cat culture was as rich as it was. I think the creativity is heightened when palindromes are involved.

I mean, cats pop tarts are amazing but that spells startpopstac was is actually computer code for launching a secret EMP on Finland. Don’t tell them.

Anyway, your impulse control … I have no words. You’re still here.

What happens when you see a cute girl wearing this cute shirt.

Taco Cat I’m a Palindrome T Shirt

Taco Cat I'm a Palindrome T Shirt

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That’s irresistible.

Off topic, but did you know there was a Taco Cat restaurant in Minneapolis featuring bicycle delivery. Must be interesting on blizzard days.