T-Rex Christmas Dinosaur T Shirt (FA RAWR)

T-Rex Christmas Dinosaur T Shirt. Wait, is the FA RAWR the designer singing Deck the Halls? Is that the way he pronounces “Fa la la la la la la la?” That’s hilarious. Plus, he’s super stoked to be part of the Xmas preparations: stringing lights, hanging ornaments, while wearing a Santa hat.

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Because I’m a meme master, I know that RAWR is the classic dinosaur language meme. Don’t have to tell me that. I know things. So, how cute that the T-Rex has finally been invited to the festivities.

Of course, the loving people that did it, made sure everybody was cleared out of the room, and they accounted for at least 72% breakage of the ornamentation. This are things you have to do, if you’re a bleeding heart that wants to include vicious creatures that will probably maim all of your other Xmas guests.

So, if you’re not so into the idea of sacrificing almost everything to give Tyrannosaurus Rex a Christmas to remember, you might want to have a looksie at the other Xmas T-Shirts I have curated over my hardship-filled lifetime.

Do you want to know more about the T-Rex? Does looking at this shirt make you think, you know my knowledge of that extinct dino is woefully inadequate. I need to read up on it before I get called out as ignorant and a fraud while wearing this tee.

T-Rex Christmas Dinosaur T Shirt: King of the Dinos Having a Blast Stringing Xmas Lights

T-Rex Christmas Dinosaur T Shirt

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The more I look at this, the more I think old Tyrannosaurus Rex maybe had a little too much spiked egg nog. He’s looking a little too happy if you know what I mean. I think he was found in the backyard bushes in the wee hours of the night, passed out and covered in vomit.

Old T Rexy is quite a light weight when it comes to alcohol, because he never really drinks it. Only on special occasions. Along with possibly wanting to kill you, making sure he doesn’t drink too much is another good reason to keep an eye on him at the Christmas party.