Surfing Jesus T Shirt

Jesus does not even need a surf board. Makes sense he can walk on water. Celebrate the skills of the messiah with this surfing Jesus t-shirt.

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You know how they went surfing in the shit in Vietnam in Apocalypse Now? Well this doesn’t have anything to do with that, except Jesus was trying to get the attention of potential disciples, and show them he was cool, and worth a follow.

For whatever reason they weren’t totally impressed with simply walking on water. Nor did multiplying fish and bread really convince them. Thomas must have had way too much sway with that crew. Doubter. Anyway, Jesus said “fuck it … how about this you numb nuts.” And he proceeded to rip off a gnarly ride on like a 25-foot swell with no board.

That got their attention. This was before big wave surfer, Laird Hamilton, was doing his thing getting pulled into 50 footers with a jet ski. So, it was pretty damn impressive.

Once the boys were sold and decided to follow him, you know Jesus said stuff like “I love the smell of napalm in the morning” and “smells like victory.” Well maybe not. Maybe just something like “I’m an artist.”

Anyways, it worked, and you can celebrate the victory by proudly wearing this tee. Associate yourself with winners. That’s the key. Never get tired of winning.

Jesus Surfs: Even the Savior Needs R&R Sometimes

Surfing Jesus T-shirt

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I’m not trying to be sacrilegious here. I think the story of Jesus as the embodiment of the perfect man, who shows you the value of sacrifice, and dying to yourself, is mind-blowingly profound. To love Jesus is to embrace life, to put in the work, to accept accept the existential morass of human existence, and say, “I’m going to live with purpose and honor.”

Bad ass man. Bad ass. If you can get some surfing in … well, all the better.

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