Such Christmas T Shirt (Doge)

Such Christmas T Shirt (Doge). It’s Doge, speaking in Doge style, which I like better than Yoda style, but still get kind of confused with. Thank God, Doge isn’t generally trying to be philosophical when he speaks. And, that, my friend, is why you should pony up for this garment.

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What is it about that dog that is so captivating. I can’t figure it out. It’s a heady brew of Internet meme-wizardry, including the goofy speech pattern, and the doge himself. Look at him. Such dog. Did I do that right?

Holy smokes. I did like 2.5 minutes of research on the doge and discovered that it originally dates back to Homestar Runner, which a favorite of mine way back in the day.

Wait, this is like Homestar Runner live. So weird. I had no idea. I’m learning new things every day, which was my New Year’s resolution when the clock struck midnight January 1.

So, basically, I kicked ass this year. You know what else I did this year. My t-shirt masterpiece. I collected all of the best Xmas T-shirts in one place for your exquisite convenience.

Such Christmas T Shirt (Doge): You Know You Need Some Dog Sincerity In Your Life

Such Christmas T Shirt (Doge)

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That’s the appeal right. Dog sincerity with a little distrust because Doge has been burned before. Right?

And, Shiba Inus (Shibe) is puffy, so he looks like he structures his sentences all weird. Not for effect. He’s really trying. It just happens, because he’s a doge.

There’s also potential for unfettered joy in that look. Like if you come up with a dirty sock or a dead mongoose, he’s going to jump off the couch, lick your face with such love, and roll around on the smelly thing. And probably bark at it with two-paw hops.

And chew on them. And look at you like. You know me. You get me. We are simpatico. Life is good. Such.