Straight Inta 2018 T Shirt: Bring it!

Straight Inta 2018 T Shirt. I hadn’t seen Inta used as the opposite of outta. That’s nice. NWA would be proud. And, I’m proud if your grab this shirt because you’re ready to face the challenges that a new year brings. Headlong and audacious.

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This, of course, is a play on NWA’s album Straight Outta Compton, which is an absolute gangsta rap classic. Still holds up for sure.

And, then there’s the movie released in 2015. Not bad. Not bad. Doesn’t live up to the brilliance of that album, but that’s a tall order.

I’d embed the album, but UMG got that shit on lockdown.

Now, we’re here really to talk about the new year. NWA is nice and all, but it’s time to get your shit straight and start the new year strong. That’s what this shirt is talking about. That’s what most of the shirts in this funny new years shirts collection are talking about.

Straight Inta 2018 T Shirt: Get Out There and Shake Some Stuff Up

Straight Inta 2018 T-Shirt

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Take the bull by the horns and show 2018 who’s boss. You’re going to run into obstacles, trials, and tribulations, but if you stay focused on your purpose, if you gain strength from eyeing the prize, but relishing in the journey and the grind, you will make it through.

You will succeed and be fulfilled. Man, I’m working myself up right now. I’m feeling so pumped, I might even leave the house at some point this year. That’s a monumental step. My mom doesn’t like it when I leave the house. Makes her nervous.

Like she let down her guard and failed at her matriarchal duty. But, maybe if wore this shirt, and cranked NWA, and walked up to her and said, “hey Mom, thanks for all you’ve done for me. I really appreciate it. But, I’m 47 now, and part of being an effective mother, is to release the child into the world when it is time. Mom, it is time.”

Wow. Just saying that sort of intimidated me. Maybe next year.