Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here T Shirt

Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here T Shirt. This is evolution and it’s glorious. My only problem with this shirt is it doesn’t start with protozoa. I kinda want to see something crawling out of the sea, and then move up the chain. Still, quite good. Very good.

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The evolution of man is always a nice trope for a shirt. I don’t like them all but this party woot woot boy be the pinnacle of evolution is pretty damn funny. Better than the … woe is humanity, we’re all staring at phones or hunched over computers, we’re totally going backwards.”

Nah. This dude is upright and dancing with clothes on. That’s the funny thing about the emergence of humans step diagrams. That final dude is always pretty hairy and naked. His just tooling around with his pecker hanging out sorta wondering why his not staring at the ground.

His first thoughts were probably food and procreation. I guess he didn’t just go from ape to upright human in like two minutes. Even between those two was probably a man’s lifetime. Probably spent half his life as more ape, then probably found himself standing up straight because there was some delicious Arkansas Black apples high up in a tree. Then he started losing hair and whammo, now he’s homosapien.

And the rest is history, including Chad with the backward hat and shades raising the roof on this bitch.

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Started From the Bottom Now We’re Here T Shirt: Raise The Roof M-F’er It’s Time to Party

Started From the Bottom Now We're Here T-Shirt

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Can you imagine how brutal life was before electricity? If you weren’t in a tropical climate, you probably woke up everyday wondering how Nature was going to try to kill you.

No wonder that last dude is so happy. He’s got running water, a heated apartment, and an endless supply of food just waiting for him at the corner grocery. Damn life is good. We’re so lucky to live in these times.