Sports Apathy T Shirts

Sports Apathy T Shirts. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and if you’re too cool for sports, then take a look at these shirts that basically say “sports, who gives a hoot.” Or if you like sports but think the kneeling during the anthem is ridiculous, skip the game. Destroy the ratings. Make spending millions on Super Bowl advertising campaigns a bad investment.

These apathetic to sports tees are a good way to tell the NFL to suck it. What’s the Super Bowl?

The NFL has made a terrible mistake capitulating to the tiny radical Leftist element. Colin Kaepernick got a neo-marxist radical girlfriend, and started listening to her ideologue rhetoric, nodding his head (because on the surface it hits emotions, plays the victim card, and sounds righteous).

He was all in. Started growing the ‘fro. Wore the fuck da police piggie socks. And, here’s the big one … started kneeling for the anthem. This started to catch on with the players in the league, because who doesn’t want to virtue signal to show that you really care for the plight of African Americans in the United States.

Look slavery was bad. But it ended. It’s had residual effects to this day. But to wallow in that shit and not take personal responsibility for your own life is a bad move. Until the commies take over this is a meritocracy. If you bring good shit to the table you will get rewarded … like say these multi-millionaire football players.

Equal opportunity not equality of outcome. Very important distinction. The former builds the greatest country in the history of Earth, the United States. The later is Venezuela where people are eating their pets for lack of access to food.

Yes, there are still racist cops, and they should be fired if their prejudice is driving them to bad policing. But, resisting arrest leads to bad outcomes no matter what your color. Don’t do it. Obey the cops if they are enforcing the law appropriately. You do not want to see what ghettos look like when the cops bug out because they can’t do their jobs without being ostracized by the radical leftists. It’s chaos. A war zone.

Anyway …

Well, the National Football League had a conundrum. Their talent was taking a knee, but a big portion of their fan base are true blue patriots. Well, the NFL made a bad decision and let the protests continue, while the fans stayed away from stadiums in droves, and turned off their TVs, discovering they have families, and that the outdoors can be refreshing.

NFL ratings were down 9.7 percent in 2017. This is not trivial. The National Football League was on a meteoric rise prior to Kaepernick’s shenanigans. There seemed to be no end in sight to its popularity and they were making cash money hand over fist.


Sports Apathy T Shirts: Just Say Nope When It’s Time for the Big Game

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