Speed Is Relative Sloth Riding a Tortoise T Shirt

Speed Is Relative Sloth Riding a Tortoise. The thing is that sloth is actually telling that tortoise to slow way down. He’s like whoa. Whoa Nelly. Hold your horses. Way to fast. Take it easy. It took awhile but that finally settled on the perfect pace and now they are enjoying a warm Spring afternoon.

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The sloth is the slowest mammal. The tortoise is the slowest reptile. This is a match made in heaven. Good for them for finding each other. It’s divine providence that brought them together. You have to revel in serendipitous occurrences in life, because they’re rare.

You young ones might not believe this, but you should. Always have gratitude for health and having the basics covered. And, of course, the presence of a good friend or lover.

I’m not saying this sloth and tortoise are having an inter-species romance. They seem more like good buds. Maybe it’s a bromance or a sisterhood of sorts. Whatever. They are having a good time, and when you wear this shirt you will have a good time.

Speed Is Relative Sloth Riding a Tortoise T Shirt

 Speed Is Relative Sloth Riding a Tortoise
Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

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It takes sloths two weeks to digest one meal. One meal is like three leaves. That’s crazy. It’s so interesting that they are so slow. What evolutionary forces caused them to be that way. Did they just figure out if they seemed chill all the time the other predators would leave ’em alone. Plus, the generated the face striping and natural hair cut that caused would be killers to tell their buddies. Ah, man, he’s too chill and goofy let’s go after something else that will try to run away and scream and offer more of a challenge.

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