Sometimes Alcohol Is the Answer T Shirt

Sometimes Alcohol Is the Answer T Shirt. No one really wants to admit it but, yes, sometimes indeed a little booze fixes things. Like say you don’t want to get up and go to work in the morning. Take a shot. Or say you’re visiting the in laws … guzzle a lot. Boom. The answer.

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Or say boring social engagements. First dates. Boring baseball games. All holiday gatherings. Sitting alone thinking too hard. The word “sometimes” on this shirt may be understating the reality. Alcohol is mostly always the answer, so forget you and your teetotaler friends. They boring. They suck.

Just kidding. All things in moderation. A little sip here and there. Keep it under control. Don’t let it rule your life and ruin your relationships. Let it add a little fun flavor every once in a while.

After typing that paragraph I’m going to be disowned by Wisconsin. In fact, somebody is knocking on the door right now. Probably the authorities telling me I have to leave the state within 48 hours after typing all that nonsense about moderation. Totally overrated.

Sometimes Alcohol Is the Answer T Shirt

Sometimes Alcohol Is the Answer T-Shirt

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I like the callout to Wheel of Fortune on this shirt. Nice touch. Is there any hidden messages in the missing o’s? Or is that the missing letter that allows the viewer to still know what the word is. Because you have to have enough letters for people to know what’s going on. This shirt wouldn’t be nearly as effective with A_CO_O showing.

Wait, are Vanna White and Pat Sajak still doing that show? Now I have to look this up, because if they are that is straight up absurd. It’s been like 97 years. Yep, still on the syndicated show. 6.2 million episodes. That’s cray. I wonder if they believe alcohol is the answer. Maybe it’s the secret to their longevity and looking much younger than they are.

Maybe plastic surgery is sometimes the answer.

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