Snoop Dogg Christmas T Shirt


Snoop Dogg Christmas T Shirt. If you’re a fan of Snoop Dogg you probably have already clicked the Buy button. I mean what’s not to like about joyous Snoop chillin’ with snowflakes?

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Snoop Dogg is timeless. It’s that smooth delivery, weed-infused lyrics and lifestyle that make people gravitate to him. Plus, he’s so tall and skinny. And, he’s been around forever. And seems kind of ageless.

And that attitude. He just knows he’s got wisdom and style and answers to all of life’s important questions.

Combine that package with Yuletide cheer and you have an absolutely irresistible shirt.


I like Snoop Doggy Dogg’s look in that video. When he’s driving the convertible, he’s got a long silky beard and what looks like a black fez. There’s a hint of Santa combined with Odd Fellows Hall bingo player.

Want to get into the holiday spliff spirit? Read the lyrics to Santa Claus Goes Straight to the Ghetto.


Now on the first day of Christmas, my homeboy gave to me
A sack of the krazy glue and told me to smoke it up slowly
Now on the second day of Christmas, my homeboy gave to me
A fifth of Hendog and told me to take my mind off that weed
Now by the third day of Christmas, my big homeboy gave to me
A whole lot of everything, and it wasn’t nuthin’ but game to me

They’re slightly different than James Brown’s song by the same name.

Snoop Dogg Christmas T Shirt: It’s a Tee With a Sweater Design

Snoop Dogg Christmas T Shirt

Buy Now: Snoop Dogg Christmas T Shirt

You can see the power of the ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon. Even the funny Christmas tees have designs that make them look like sweaters.

Are you down with the low resolution art on these sweater tees? The contrast is even more stark when you have a full resolution, crystal clear Snoop Dog standing there basically singing Let It Snow in full HD.