S’More T Shirt (Evil Chocolate and Graham Cracker)

S’More T Shirt (Evil Chocolate and Graham Cracker). This one really gets me. That poor mallow. Look how evil the chocolate and graham cracker are. What the hell’s got into them. Who gave ’em those matches? Is that safe?

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They must be brainwashed. Maybe this is some of that Montauk, MK Ultra shit. Like, they can’t even help it. They don’t know what they’re doing. If they did, they’d realize once they toasted marshmallow man up golden and crisp, they going to get sandwiched and consumed.

I don’t think they realize it. I think they’re drugged and mind manipulated with any manner of electrodes and whatever else they are using. Wave guns. Tshirt blogs. Corned beef sandwiches. Little needles to just the right spot in the brain. Microchips. Or booze. I here both chocolate bars and graham crackers notoriously can’t hold their liquor. I don’t mean to stereotype but I’m trying to get to the bottom of this deviant crime.

Do you remember that 1927 classic Girl Scouts manual Tramping and Trailing¬†with the Girl Scouts. Of course you do. Loretta Scott Crew knows what’s up. She put that magic down on paper for the world to read and enjoy for the rest of eternity.

She’ll always be remembered as Mama Gooey. My heart warms just saying that.

S’More T Shirt: Graham Cracker Thinks They’re Chasing His Missing Tooth

S'More T Shirt (Evil Chocolate and Graham Cracker)

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I want my tooth. Why did my tooth go rogue? I’m kinda sad my tooth doesn’t like my mouth any more. Why are we carrying these fire sticks? My daddy always told me to watch out if chocolate came around. But, he also said it was no problem until there was a marshmallow too.

Then, he said run for my life. Thank God there’s no marshmallow around here. Maybe when I catch up with my tooth, I’ll ask him if he’s seen any marshmallows.

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