Smile If You’re Not Wearing Any Undies T Shirt

Smile If You’re Not Wearing Any Undies T Shirt. This is straight up entrapment. It’s such a goofy concept to feature on a shirt that people looking at the design will basically have no choice but to smile, and, ah ha, got you. You’re not wearing underwear. For shame.

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I went commando a few times in my younger days out of desperation. Like I hadn’t done laundry in weeks and I just couldn’t wear the pair of boxers I had been sporting for five days another time.

Nothing lascivious though. I never said to myself or women I was trying to seduce:  “I like the way this scratchy demin jeans crotch feels on my hairy balls.”

Maybe I didn’t have enough confidence to pull it off. Maybe I didn’t take my shot. Will I ever know? Will I always regret?

Life is complicated sometimes. Luckily for the younger generation you have fine people to guide you, through video and writings on how to score with killer pickup lines.

Or maybe you’re a hippy chick. That seems to be the swath of the population more prone to not wearing undies.

How about in the comments you let me know if you wear underwear or not. This is very important. I need to get to the bottom of this.

Smile If You’re Not Wearing Any Undies T Shirt: Are Those Really Undies She’s Holding?

Smile If You're Not Wearing Any Undies T-Shirt

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This image is kind of scandalous. I mean, I’ve never seen a girl’s underpants up close, but those don’t look like they’d provide much under pantsing. How the hell do those even work. I just asked my 97 year-old gramma and she agrees, so I feel confident bringing it up. You might as well tape some yarn and a ziploc baggie to your butt.

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