Smashing Through the Snow T Shirt (Nigel Thornberry Christmas)

Smashing Through the Snow T Shirt. Apparently this Nigel Thornberry character does a lot of smashing. Thus, to connect it to the Christmas holiday, the designer has Nigel smashing through snow. Fantastic.

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This is another faux, ugly Christmas sweater t-shirt. I found a lot of these as I was painstakingly putting together my definitive list of funny Xmas Tshirts.

I have to say that I like them. Very ingenious. Very pleasing to the eye.

The Wild Thornberrys. Can you believe it. A Xmas tee commemorating Nigel (that’s Sir to you), and by proxy, Deborah, Darwin, Donald, Marianne, Kip, Neil, et al.

Were you a fan of the show? Do you still watch episodes? I want to know. Leave me a message in the comments with your thoughts.

Smashing Through the Snow T Shirt: Holly Berries Baby

Smashing Through the Snow T-Shirt (Nigel Thornberry Christmas)

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I almost forgot about the connection between holly and Christmas. Thank God for this tee to bring into focus what truly matters. Boughs of holly. Holly berries. This shirt features the classic two leaves and the berries.

You also have the snowflakes, evergreen trees, and our friend Sir Nigel. It’s nearly a perfect design. Come at me if you don’t agree.

I don’t even know the show that well, and I’m super impressed by the design. I’m going to wear this thing all year ’round as soon as I get my hands on one. You can’t stop me.

Actually, the thing that really seals the deal for me is that Nigel looks a little like my douche nozzle next door neighbor. Unfortunately, Nigel is probably cool, so that’s where the comparison ends, but I really now want to instruct everyone in my household to call our asshat neighbor Nigel Thornberry.

All in the Xmas spirit of course. Nothing malign about it. No ill will. No torturous thoughts. Just good, clean neighbor hatred.

Hey, that went off the rails. I just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.