Sloth Nebula T Shirt

Sloth Nebula T Shirt. I’m a big fan of this shirt. The sloth has become a huge animal favorite these days, and space, of course, becomes more and more intriguing as we get a constant stream of unbelievable images from NASA straight into our brains.

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But, really. Those space shots all kind of have the same look. I’m already jaded. I’m seeing things on a daily basis that Galileo would have killed his mom to see for 2 minutes in a damp outhouse with poor lighting in the winter on a farm recently abandoned because of a lice epidemic.

But space. Am I right? Cool as shit. NASA. Space X. Actually, I’m not totally down with just handing over a private entity our space program, plus billions of dollars in subsidies, and probably massive intellectual property that belongs to the American people.

Anyways, NASA gives us some damn fine photography.

Those videos all look like the best acid trip I ever had, but now I can have it forever by wearing this amazing tee. If you want even more conscious-altering designs from SnorgTees, check out my expertly curated list and have your mind blown bro.

Sloth Nebula T Shirt: Good Lord That Model is Cute

Sloth Nebula T Shirt

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If you have spent any time on this site, you probably have noticed that this lovely young woman pops up all the time. She just happens to always be modeling the shirts I like from Snorg. It’s a coincidence.

I’ll be honest and tell you that they also have dudes modeling these shirts, but if the choice is between a dude and this beauty, I’m picking her every time. Classes up the place. Gives it a little gravitas. Some more cachet. A hint of sophistication.

What’s that you say? It’s only oozing lechery. Well, you’re very wrong. You can hold that opinion until you die of a poisoned heart, but my intentions are pure. Totes.