Sledgehog Sledding T Shirt (Hedgehog)

Sledgehog Sledding T Shirt. Nice little play on words. Hedgehog sledding turns into sledgehog. And what a cute, fat little sledgehog he is with his Santa hat and tiny little Christmas adornments. He’s having fun on that tiny green sled.

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It’s remarkable how hedgehogs have taken the world by storm. They are everywhere. 99% of the women, and 67% of the men find them adorable. Do you? Let me know in the comments.

What’s so amazing about this rise to fame, is that there was very little paid PR work to make it happen. The hedgehog coalition didn’t hire a high-powered publicist to spread the word. It happened organically, which is the best way with the most staying power.

I may be writing about hedgehogs for every holiday because that’s how strong their brand currently is.

Hey, let’s not get ahead of ourselves with talk of future holidays. Let’s keep current. In fact, you may not do this, but I’m world famous for my work in curating the best funny Christmas t shirts. See for yourself. It’s quite a collection.

Sledgehog Sledding T Shirt: Safety First Hedgy, Lose the Lights

Sledgehog Sledding T Shirt

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At first glance I thought that ribbon hanging from the sled was a scarf. I thought maybe since the hedgehog doesn’t have a recognizable neck that he had to wear the scarf on his butt.

Of course, this isn’t the case, but I like to be transparent. If I have erroneous thoughts, I want to make sure I let all my loyal readers know.

The other thing about this design I have questions about is the string of lights. First, sledding can get out of control. I don’t care how stable your sled it. Once you combine snow and hills, you get speed. Maybe the hedgehog shifts wrong before hitting a mogul, and just eats it. You think those lights are going to stay intact and not break.

Think again. Those things are going to break and the next guy to crash is not only going to dislocate his hip, he’s going to severe his palm. Big gash. Like 50 stitches.

Plus, do those lights have a battery? Are they even lit up. Not sure that’s the best choice of sled decoration no matter how festive looking.