Skullboy Banjo Blues T Shirt

Skullboy Banjo Blues T Shirt. I like this tee. It looks good. It’s funny, and brings a dash of the macabre, which can always spice things up. Look at the well dressed skeleton playing the banjo. Cool.

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The juxtaposition of clean, crisp collar and skull brings dissonance, which makes more neurons fire in your brain. Don’t banjo players wear plaid?!?!

A skeleton playing a banjo rather than a flying V guitar also seems incongruent. Banjos aren’t normally associated with death metal. But, the world is big. There are anomalies.

Not everything is at it seems.

Yes, skullboy plays the banjo.

Damn that image looks so good on the black shirt. It’s minimalist and amazing. I’m so impressed with Matthew Dunn’s work here.

I have a natural proclivity for skull and skeleton art. It’s the Day of the Dead, Sugarskull, Calavera, Dia De Los Muertos fan in me. I maybe need to check that. I think it’s okay to embrace death. It’s inevitable. Might as well try to be prepared for it with the proper cycle of life frame of mind.

You just can’t get obsessed or overtaken by the darkness. That’s when life can take a turn and you end up not alleviating suffering, rather generating more pain and suffering.

This shirt is on the right side of the line.

Skullboy Banjo Blues T Shirt: I Enjoy the Heavy Metal Banjo Covers

Skullboy Banjo Blues T Shirt
Photo by armadilo60

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I’m not a metal head, but I love the original by Metallica. I love the cover by Motorhead. And, I love this banjo cover. Just a super quality song that sounds good a lot of different ways.

The reason that this design is so amazing is the execution. I think you’ll agree.

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