Skull Kitties T Shirt

Skull Kitties T Shirt. Love this kind of shirts. They look one way from afar, but are totally different when you get up close. Particular great if it looks sinister like a skull at a distance, but on closer inspection it’s a bunch of cute kitties.

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I like skulls a lot. Way into sugar skulls and Day of the Dead and stuff like that. So, maybe I’ll need to get this for a friend, so I can have them stand 50 yards away so I can admire the design. Then, once every 14 days, my friend can walk closer to me and I can enjoy the cats.

That sounds like the perfect ratio of skulls to cats for me. What’s your ratio. I know some cat haters out there are gonna say 24/7 skull. 0/0 kitty. And, then there are people that love cats so bad, they’ll want to be close to that shirt always.

That’s the beauty of the design. Something for everyone. It can bring the masses together, or it can cause a rift. It is versatile and dynamic. It’s more than just a shirt. It’s a rich life experience.

Why, yes I did just embed a funny cats video into this post. Don’t judge me bro. You’d do it to if you had the opportunity. Don’t lie.

Skull Kitties T Shirt: When You Need a Mix of Macabre and Adorable All In One Shirt

Skull Kitties T Shirt
Photo by scomedy

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That Dexter the texter kind of looks like a lazy communicator. Gotta put more effort into it if you really want to connect. Who am I kidding? I haven’t spoken to a live person in four years.

Hey, I found all the funny t-shirts and collected them right here for you: Cheeze Tees home page.

You wanna know who designed this tee? Harebrained of course.