Single And Disease Free T Shirt

Single And Disease Free T Shirt. Oh do I love this one. Everything about it. The cartoonish clean cut dude in the 50s letterman’s jacket. The thumbs up. The pomaded hair. And, that wink. That wink that says you might not want to believe me. Or maybe you should if you know what I mean.

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What happens when you wear this around the bar? Does it say you have a sense of humor, which is normally very attractive to the ladies. Do they believe what it says? Or do they worry … geez, if he’s that upfront about it, maybe he has chlamydia or gonorrhea or herpes or dandruff.

Doth he protesteth to mucheth? Wait that doesn’t quite apply here but you know what I mean.

Hey, STI’s are no joke. I’m so old I don’t even know when they switched from STD to STI’s. When did that happen? STD has a better ring to it. Don’t you think? Well, whether you have STI’s or STD’s it’s no joke and if you’re unsure get tested.

Al Capone died of syphilis you know. He contracted it fucking a leftover meatball. All those┬ácapofamiglia’s were perverted weirdos. How else do you rise in the ranks of such a psychotic culture?

Single And Disease Free T Shirt: Unlike Al Capone Who Was Married and Disease Riddled

Single And Disease Free T-Shirt

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We’re supposed to believe this dude is single and disease free. That’s false advertising. I mean I can understand single, because he’s a rambler. He likes to love ’em and leave ’em, but that isn’t exactly a foolproof recipe for being disease free.

I’d really like to ask this guy when he was last tested. It’s been a while. He looks like he’s above all that. He says, “Sleep with me or don’t. I don’t care. I don’t wear condoms. I take lots of chances. What are you going to do woman?”