Season’s Eatings T Shirt (Zombies)

Season’s Eatings T Shirt. Hey? Are you into Zom Zombs? That your thing? The undead, crawling out from their graves to slowly chase live human people, and eat their brains. That floats your boat? Welp, weirdo. I have a Xmas Sweater t-shirt design for you.

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Season’s Eatings?! Seems like too much. Like I getting a little gaggy over here, having just had way too much leftover fudge and egg nog stretching the limits of its expiry.

Thinking about crusty, musty, moronic, dead people taking a bite out of a person’s brain, sorta makes me sick, and nothing says “Merry Christmas” better than that.

So, get this one if that’s your thing. I mean, I guess it’s fortuitous that the mock sweater design limits the devastating detail shirts of this subject matter could get into.

In fact, this design look more like the zombies are doing The Thriller dance, avoiding skulls irresponsibly strewn about on the floor. Little do they know that under that gleaming floor of dancing dreams is vats and vats of biohazardous material.

Not something I really want to get into on this festive occasion. Suffice it to say, “depleted Uranium.” Know what I mean?

Anyways, after you this zombie joint, you probably want to go more tradition with your Xmas gear, which is why you want to check out the rest of the festive designs I have curated from across the world wide web.

Believe it or not, there is a great deal of zombie Christmas material on the web.

Like this cute little Xmas album features a zombie tune:

The zombie myth is so ingrained in our society now. It’s actually quite fascinating. It means that we all have deep-seated fear of the world coming to an end. Nukes. Crazy dictators. Artificial Intelligence. Astroids. Floods.

You need a story bring out the stress and play in front of your eyes. Shakes it out of your bowels. That didn’t sound right.

The Season’s Eatings Zombie Christmas T Shirt You Really Should Add to Your Collection

Season’s Eatings T-Shirt (Zombies)

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Maybe you can add an unboxing video of this zombie Christmas sweater t-shirt to your zombie Xmas board. If you don’t it might mean you don’t love your family enough. Serious, I looked it up in a psychology book.

Believe me. Or don’t.