Say Aloe To My Little Friend T Shirt

Say Aloe To My Little Friend T Shirt. Wordplay. Scarface. Aloe plant. What more could you want from a new t-shirt from Snorg Tees. Nothing. It’s the ultimate. I’m sure all the gangbangers that were wearing the black and white Tony Montana shirt are now picking this up post haste.

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The beauty of this combination is that aloe would really help wounds, like say, a scarred face. Put that on every day and you might very well see some marked improvement. So, what a nice gift for the wild person in your life, who’s destined to get injured, maimed, shot, shanked, and trip on the cat and hit the corner of the coffee table.

I mean this shirt of course. I guess, also, a real aloe plant. Just make sure you have well drained soil. They like it dry like the desert. I’m also not an expert in harvesting aloe. Maybe I’ll need to do some research right now.

Well, look at that. You can freeze the aloe vera gel in an ice cube tray. Very good idea.

Good movie. That cocaine business in Miami was off the hook. Violent as can be. Wild. I miss those days. Just kidding. I was all the way across the country in the 80s, trying to figure out if I had the back and top lengths of my mullet were on point.

Say Aloe To My Little Friend T Shirt: Is This a Sculpture In the Budget Wax Museum. Like Off-Brand Madame Tussauds

Say Aloe To My Little Friend T Shirt
Photo by Annahme der Existenz

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