Santa Riding a Shark T Shirt

Santa Riding a Shark T Shirt. Obviously, this is the definition of epic. But, one things bothers me. What about all of the wasted packages falling off the back? Or maybe Santa has mastered this gift deliver thing so hard, he can look like he’s dropping shit, but it’s really landing on the stoops of all the well-behaved children.

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Have you ever seen like 70+ funny Christmas T-Shirts in one place at one time. Probably not, ‘cuz you probably would have fainted and hit your head disabling your ability to surf the Net. So, I’m warning you right now. A page like that exists on this very site, and you should go check it out.

But, make sure you’re sitting down. That you have a helmet or construction hat. And a harness like those NASCAR drivers. If you don’t have any of this safety equipment, please hold off looking at that Xmas Tees page until you can check each and every one of those items off the list.

Man, Santa has the magic touch. That shark looks ecstatic to be survey old grey beard. Like it was his number one calling in life. Like flying in space, rather than pacing in the water was his destiny.

Santa Riding a Shark T Shirt: St. Nick Had a Few Close Calls Before He Mastered Riding the Shark

Santa Riding a Shark T Shirt
Photo by Florida Keys–Public Libraries

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And look at those perfect teeth, pink gums, and healthy tongue. The oral care that shark is receiving is top notch. Probably has elves brushing and flossing him at least four times a day (after each meal and before bed time).

Actually, I know exactly what the oral hygiene of this shark took in terms of elf life, and it’s not pretty. At least seven elves died training that shark to allow them to manage his teeth. Sad.

In fact, Santa got in there to help and lost a his right arm as a result. He looks like he’s just joyously waving, but that’s actually the only position that arm can manage. It’s always like that.