Santa I Know Him T Shirt (Will Ferrell Elf Movie)

Santa I Know Him T Shirt. It so interesting to think about the Christmas movies that stick and become part of the regular rotation. There’s some sort of sweet spot you have to hit. Elf certainly did it. In fact, I watched it this Christmas.

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There are about 435 great scenes in Elf, so it’s hard to focus on what I want to focus on. I guess you have to dive into the scene depicted on the shirt. Buddy hears that Santa is going to be at Gimbels the following day. He jumps up and down and screams that he knows Santa.

So, stoked. But the following day he finds an impostor, who smells like beef and cheese, sitting in the hallowed chair.

Buddy told me the other day that he thought my list of funny Christmas shirts was the best on the Web. I can’t disagree. What do you think?

Santa I Know Him T Shirt: Celebrate One of the Best Scenes in This Classic Film

Santa I Know Him T Shirt (Will Ferrell Elf Movie)

Buy Now: Santa I Know Him T Shirt (Will Ferrell Elf Movie)

So, Jon Favreau is sitting around thinking about the next challenge, and decides he hasn’t done a Xmas movie. So, he gets to work on Elf. Very few Christmas movies make classic status, such that they become a holiday viewing tradition. Elf made that status.

Favreau is just like: “yep, that’s how it’s done.”

Must be nice to have the magic touch. Swingers. Iron Man. Elf. Chef. Nice run of movies there.

I think what really does it for Elf is Buddy’s costume combined with Will Ferrell’s natural likability. It’s a lethal combination producing viral holiday cheer. You can’t help yourself. The yellow tights. The beautiful green coat. The fluffy sleeves and collar.

Ferrell’s hilarious naivete. Perfect combination. Great movie. Must have shirt.