Same Shit Different Year 2018 Limited Edition T Shirt

Same Shit Different Year 2018 Limited Edition T Shirt. If you’re in a bit of a mood this tee is perfect for you. Keep the pessimism rolling. It’s worked for you thus far. Carry on. I’m not so sure positivity 24/7 is the answer to a fulfilling life. I think sometimes it’s therapeutic and maybe funny to say some negative shit. Just have a balance.

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But, I must warn you. Make a plan and stick to it. Get the same ol’ shit new year’s tees for the next 30 years, then even out the karmic debt with puppy and cat shirts welcoming with cuteness for the following 30 years. Then, stagger every five years until you peacefully pass into the afterlife.

I like the detail on this shirt. It’s not just some words to bump you out. It has a beautiful plume of fireworks making the “I” in shit. And the “2018 Limited Edition” is a nice touch. Though the meaning can be taken a couple different ways.

Easier there are limited options for a new year, so, of course, it’s going to be the same shit. Or you’re the only one going with this tone at the new year’s party that your in laws invited you to. Or you have a little hope left, and maybe the shit will be limited to 2018, and 2019 will be good.

What’s your interpretation? Let me know in the comments.

Same Shit Different Year 2018 Limited Edition T Shirt: Time to Dress for the Masquerade Ball

Same Shit Different Year 2018 Limited Edition T-Shirt

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Would you have enough chutzpa to wear this tee to a black tie affair? Just bully your way in, drink way too much. Screaming “same shit, different year” every time anyone asks you a question about anything.

And then blowing major raspberries when the clock strikes midnight. Or booing. Or getting a bullhorn and sighing loudly into it.

I mean it’s good if you’re just hanging with like minded friends, but it’s next level in a serious setting. Or what if you wore this to a Masquerade Ball themed NYE party. That’s nice.