Rock and Roll Santa Claus T Shirt

Rock and Roll Santa Claus T Shirt. You ever wonder how high achievers find to do everything they do? Not even that. They get good and all the stuff they do. How?! Why don’t I have that gene?!?! I’ll tell you who does. Santa. The man is amazing. Gifts. Behavior control. Rock ‘n roll guitar. Inspirational.

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You seriously have to be dedicated to making yourself better every hour to go world-class at one thing. We can all agree Santa has package delivery nailed. But, did you even know his band, Flying Death Punch JK, is topping the charts. The cool kids are eating up that surf, metal, mumble beat sound. And Santa is like the main dude, as the guitarist. He writes all the songs and sings lead vocals. It’s crazy impressive.

If you hate having fun and being awesome, you might want to skip this shirt, but I have plently more tees of Christmas joy that you should check out.

Have you ever been to a music show around the holiday season, and witnessed a band member dressed as Kris Kringle. That’s cool, but you know what’s even cooler. ACTUAL SANTA PLAYING THE GUITAR AT THE SHOW. That’s like a story you can tell other people that you are hanging out with at parties and awkward work gatherings.

Rock and Roll Santa Claus T Shirt: That Flying Tree Guitar is Wicked

Rock and Roll Santa Claus T-Shirt

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You know what else is funny about this tee design? The leopard skin Santa hat. The teeth-gritting solo his ripping off and the star topping off the fret board. 

I also like that he looks kind of stiff, sort of like how the members of Steely Dan look when they get a comeback tour together, 59 years after their last official tour. 

But, you can be sure Santa doesn’t play stiff. He’s fluid and creative and leaves it out on the stage every night.