Ramen Noodle Soup Weed Flavor T Shirt

Ramen Noodle Soup Weed Flavor T Shirt. Whoa. The high res print quality of those nuggets is fantastic. If you’re a pot head, who gets a craving for Ramen when you’re high, then this shirt was designed specifically for you.

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I’m an old man, so here are some things I’m slow with in this new world. Bleed printing. The design going all the way to the edges. It’s miraculous to me. The technology is astounding. I was just printing a black and white document from my home inkjet and I was sort of amazed at how all those letters come out.

But, this high quality image printing to the edge of the shirt is just another level.

It’s like a caveman finding a smartphone.

Hey, weed is fine. Shouldn’t be illegal. It’s natural. It has many medicinal properties. The Feds should get out of the business of regulating it altogether. The looming problem is frickin’ corporate weed taking over and effing it all up with nasty herbacides and GMO, etc. That isn’t what we need at all.

Ramen Noodle Soup Weed Flavor T Shirt: When Did Ramen Become Fancy. I’m So Old.

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I think ramen was always fancy in Asian countries, but in the United States it was always the cheapest food you could buy at the store. Flavor packets. Cheap noodles. Dinner. And lunch. And maybe breakfast if you were out of generic raisin bran.

So, now, you can go to an upscale Asian restaurant and they’ll serve delicious, healthy ramen to you, which is another thing I can’t quite comprehend as an old man.

Got roll with the change, but I’m telling you, sometimes it’s hard. It’s like an entire brain shift. Takes a lot of energy and openness to make it happen.

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