Raisin Cookies Are Why I Have Trust Issues T Shirt

Raisin Cookies Are Why I Have Trust Issues T Shirt. First thing to do is admit you have a problem. You’re raisinphobic. Understandable. They look like aged liver-spotted grapes. It causes you to think of your own mortality. Let’s work on this.

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Just kidding raisins in cookies are terrible. Don’t they usually bubble to the top of the dough in the oven and burn to a caustic crisp. Plus, let’s be honest right now. Raisins are not chocolate chips. Not even close.

I have no idea if that video had raisin cookies in it, but I thought mystery recipes from the 50s could make for good watching for those interested. And, if you’re not interested don’t watch it. Free country.

If you’re not interested in raisin cookies, I’m not sure why you’re here, but I want to give you some options. Here are the rest of the best Snorg Tees designs.

Raisin Cookies Are Why I Have Trust Issues T Shirt: Give Me Chocolate Chips or Give Me Death!

Raisin Cookies Are Why I Have Trust Issues T-Shirt

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I’ve noticed a variety of words used in place of chips after chocolate these days, and that’s disconcerting. I mean, even if we establish the no raisin rule, we still have to deal with what to call the little bits of chocolate. I prefer chips. But, people are coming at me with morsels, chunks, and nuggs. I’m not down with any of those.

Can we have some sort of official petition, the results of which, are proclaimed across the country as the new rule of the land. I’m certain, if put to a vote, chips would win out. If not, I’m moving to Papa New Guinea.

One last thing. I’m totally smitten with that model. Unfortunately, she’s half my age so it’s not even going to work out at all. Forget I even mentioned it. Nevermind. I’m totally not even smitten at all.

I like the shirt though. It’s funny packed with a truthful punch.